Lucy and Aislin live generations apart, but are bound together by family history. When Aislin receives her great-grandmother Lucy’s old journal, it forces her to confront her own life and face the deep sorrow buried within her.

I’ve always loved fiction, and have been an avid reader my entire life. I’m writing a novel of my own that is based on some unique family history: when my grandmother was young, somewhere between ages five and ten, her mother left. One story we’ve heard is that she wanted to move to New York City and become a concert pianist. Another explanation is that she was an alcoholic and couldn’t adequately parent my grandmother. My novel takes both of these ideas as true, and follows the life of a character named Lucy from a 14 year old girl moving into a boarding house until her death. The parallel story is a modern character named Aislin, who is Lucy’s great-granddaughter. Themes of identity, grief, and fear will play into the story as Lucy and Aislin’s lives are entangled through distance and time.

There’s obviously no publication date as I’m still in the process of (very slowly) writing, but if you are intrigued and want to stay up to date when there is some kind of development, join my mailing list. In the meantime, check out the novels of some of my friends: Nicole Baart, Kate Brauning, Meredith Rose, and Tosca Lee.