A Life Worthy of Calling

The following post is by Kelly J. Youngblood as part of the Life-Changing Scriptures for Writers Project.

“Lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called.” (Ephesians 4:1, excerpted, NRSV)

It has always been a struggle, this writing vocation of mine. It’s been back and forth, up and down. I’ve wondered why I bother; I’ve wondered if I should quit. But I am always pulled back to the forming of words, the crafting of sentences, the putting a piece of myself out there for others to read.

On my computer, I have Ephesians 4:1 engraved as a reminder to not give up on my calling. It’s really quite out of context; it’s not actually about writing at all but, sometimes, I need it to remind me of this particular calling, to remind me to not give up, to remind me that God has called me to write–regardless of the outcomes or how long it will take to see what “success” is supposed to look like.

Live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called, Paul says.

To me, that is to write.

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6 thoughts on “A Life Worthy of Calling

    1. It’s especially tough when the process is so fragmented…I have so many ideas and notes jotted down, but getting past that tends to be very difficult because there are other things that have to take priority.

  1. Beautiful. “I chose you to serve”, Isaiah says from the Lord in Isaiah 41… this reminder you’ve selected is so important, now to be worthy of what He calls us to and to keep going! Amen, Kelly!

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